August 2013 SO Class

Congratulations and thank you to the 10 new IDPA SO's who were the first in the New England area to take the new IDPA Safety Officer course which took place at Harvard Sportsmens club on August 10th 2013.

IDPA SO classes had been suspended until the new rule book was published and the criteria for new Safety Officers (SO) and Safety Officer Instructors(SOI) were in place. John Catterall and Steve Moysey were announced as SOI's for Massachusetts, under the new system only 2 SOIs will be allowed per state.

The 10 hour long class format saw much improvement over the previous SO course criteria, those in attendance required previous knowledge, a 60 question test, match experience and be sponsored by a club affiliate that can vouch for the student's commitment to the sport, prior to taking the course. The classroom course material was not an in depth review of the rule book or how to run a match but focused more on the safety aspect of the game and ensuring that the new SO can officiate the game. The range portion saw much improvement as well with predefined COF and errors that would be introduced to the COF.

The students had many opportunities to run the clock, simulate being a competitor and occasionally introduce procedural errors into their run, with discussion following each run of the PE and how the SO handled each situation. At the end of the day under direction of John Catterall IDPA now has 10 new SO who will be champions for the sport.

Thank you to our new IDPA SO's!!! (Normal is not required)

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